DCA Telecom is a company that specializes in telecommunications for small and medium enterprises. Over the years, the company has developed partnerships with major companies around the world and particularly in England and South Africa. These partners have contributed their expertise to the DCA Telecom network.

the company has developed partnerships with major companies around the world

Thousands of customers across the US, France, and Canada trust Tecores for their communication needs because they are reshaping the way people communicate. Tecores offers solutions that make it simple for businesses, teams, and customers to interact. The company’s founders are experts in internet and cloud-based telecom services, and have been involved with Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) since 1999.

With nearly a decade of technology based telecom expertise, Tecores plans to lead the technological communication revolution, becoming a recognized leader in telecom services and offering internet services to parts of Africa through third party providers.

Our Achievements

Thanks to these associations, the company has expanded a range of different products:

  • a calling card platform (TropyCall, Segundo)
  • a call forwarding interface during travel (InterCall)
  • a Business PBX System (Tecores), a Computer Solution (Elgare).

Our mission

Our mission is to establish ourselves as a leader in telecommunications, on a global scale. At DCA Télécom, we have a mandate to leverage our expertise to benefit businesses, institutions and governments.

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