Company history

Founded in 2012, DCA is committed to establishing and maintaining a dynamic partnership with each client. Extensive technology and service experience enables the DCA team to develop an understanding of each customer’s unique telecommunications needs, and to meet these requirements quickly and efficiently.

  • 2012

    Launch of the first server

    The end of a collaboration between a similar company and DCA Telecom prompted shareholders to undertake research to find a server to meet the needs of its customers and maintain its credibility around the world.

  • 2013

    Launch of Tropycall

    TropyCall is a service that offers the best rates and long distance and overseas services that meet your needs. All of this enables you to speak with family or friends around the world for as long as possible.
    This service guarantees high quality calls. A quality that is not usually offered by traditional calling cards. We use the best bandwidth available on the market.
    TropyCall redefines your communication experience by enabling you to get your desired minutes 24/7 from any electronic equipment connected to the internet: Computer, Smartphone and Tablets.

  • 2014

    Sierracom acquisition

    To improve its knowledge in the field of telecommunications, DCA Telecom acquired the tools used by Sierracom. Previously, the access numbers linking the client to the server were provided through the Sierracom business. Since closure of the latter, DCA Telecom has direct access to its previous suppliers, which lowers the company’s costs.

  • 2016

    Launch of Tecores

    Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years, DCA Telecom decided to embark on business services. This is how the Tecores service was born.
    It offers a complete and fully flexible range of professional quality communication services.

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